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Femicide.  That archaic word has been revived to describe the murders of hundreds, perhaps thousands of young, female Mexican factory workers.  They are frequently kidnapped, raped, murdered and ignominiously discarded in "body dumps," or buried in shallow, clandestine graves on the outskirts of Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.  Others have been buried in back yards of serial killers. 
This is a story of a former Interpol agent, Olga Travetti, who hired a struggling young young former border patrolman, Ross Spencer, to assist her in stopping the murders of the young women.  Olga later hires another agent, Rocio Davis, to assist her and Ross.
Ross soon finds that theOlga's methods of justice are even more unorthodox than the ones that had kept him on the hot seat of the inspector general until his resignation.  However, as an option to early bankruptsy in his fledgling investigative agency, he agrees to be her assistant due to the lucrative, unwritten contract she offers.
Ultiimately, Ross learns that Olga and Rocio have some serious scores to settle with machismo-driven border men.
Sample Text
  "You mean I gotta go in drag?"
  "That's a rather crude and cynical way of putting it, Ross, but you will have to dress as a woman sometimes....We will...make ourselves bait for some of the commuter bus drivers called ruteros."

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